You may have noticed that over the past couple of days that the name of this site has changed. ZipRage is now Gear and Grit.

Yes, ZipRage is no more. It was a good 10-year run, but the name was a little too web 2.0 and not nearly descriptive enough. I should have realized early on that the name wasn’t working when people had to have me repeat it more than once to hear it right, it was not easy to pronounce. But, we learn from our mistakes and move on.

The Gear and Grit name better describes what this site is all about; giving you the gear recommendations and advice necessary to be ready for anything and everything life might throw at you. Whether it’s on the bike, in the gym, in your career or simply at home preparing dinner.

There are some big things planned for the site over the next year including a return of Behind the Wheel automotive reviews, an expansion of our recipes area and a lot of other great new content.

Nothing else has changed on the site except for the name.  I still manage the content, nothing has been sold. I just wanted a name that better fit what I was trying to do.

Stay tuned.  2017 will a great year here at Gear and Grit!