Weekly Roundup: Tax Brackets & Mallwave

It’s Friday my dudes! Welcome to the end of the week. It’s time to wrap up all the interesting stuff I didn’t get to this week.

Turning Down a Bonus Because Tax Brackets…

Tax brackets and American’s absolutely stunning innability to understand them has been in the news quite a bit lately, this anecdote titled “My co-worker TURNED DOWN a $2000.00 bonus because it put him into the next tax bracket” from u/MockStarket on Reddit today was just too good to not post:

So my co-worker, snidely grinning, explained how much smarter than me he was by turning down his yearly bonus because it would have put him from a 22% tax bracket into a 24%. He even showed me the article he read that explained the tactic that only geniuses like him know about. I seriously thought he was joking at first and eventually had to say the fateful words that started the 2 hour debate: “you know that’s not how it works, right?”

Yeesh… The number of people who think this is how it works is mighty frightening, the disinformation campaign at the behest of our oligarchs really seems to be working.

Here’s a great video explainer on how tax brackets actually work, if you think making more money could ever equate to you having less after taxes WATCH IT:

Murs On Why He Believes That the Beastie Boys is the Greatest Hip Hop Group of All Time

Rapper MURS breaks down exactly why he considers The Beastie Boys to be the greatest hip hop group of all time.

Do I think the Beastie Boys are the best? No. Are they my favorite of all time? No, but they are close. Did they have an unfair advantage? Yes. Do I feel like they show love and respect for the culture throughout their career? Yes. Their staying power, their dope live shows, their innovations, their philanthropy, their numbers. When I sit back and look at the facts objectively, I have to say at this point in hip-hop history the Beastie Boys are the greatest rap group of all time.

“Apollo 11”, a Documentary Based on Pristine 65mm Footage of the Mission

We’re approaching the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which means it’s time for a huge increase in Apollo 11 media. Which sounds great. “Apollo 11”, is a feature-length documentary on the mission, featuring “a newly discovered trove of 65mm footage” of starting clarity.

Miller and his team collaborated with NASA and the National Archives (NARA) to locate all of the existing footage from the Apollo 11 mission. In the course of sourcing all of the known imagery, NARA staff members made a discovery that changed the course of the project — an unprocessed collection of 65mm footage, never before seen by the public. Unbeknownst to even the NARA archivists, the reels contained wide format scenes of the Saturn V launch, the inside of the Launch Control Center and post-mission activities aboard the USS Hornet aircraft carrier.

The find resulted in the project evolving from one of only filmmaking to one of also film curation and historic preservation. The resulting transfer — from which the documentary was cut — is the highest resolution, highest quality digital collection of Apollo 11 footage in existence.

Salad Fingers Returns for Eleventh Episode

I remember watching these back in college, so weird, so entertaining.

Animator David Firth:

Salad Fingers is back for the first time in 5 years in this nightmarish new episode. Salad Fingers decides it’s time for Hubert Cumberdale to become a real boy.

A New Trailer for The Wandering Earth

Cixin Liu’s The Wandering Earth is one of my highly recommended science fiction reads, now it’s getting adopted into a film. It’ll be interesting to see if a big budget movie from China can break into the mainstream here in the U.S.

Relax to Some Mallwave

Mallwave is a microgenre of electronic music and smooth jazz meant to evoke nostalgia for the mall scenes of the ’80s and ’90s. A time many of the music’s composers never even experienced, but somehow they seem to nail. Great music for browsing r/deadmalls.

Grab an Orange Julius and groove.




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