Weekly Roundup: Manly Stretch Denim, What Magic Sounds Like, Put Away Your Phone 1

Weekly Roundup: Manly Stretch Denim, What Magic Sounds Like, Put Away Your Phone

Here’s a wrapup of all the stuff I didn’t get to last week. Enjoy!

The Sneaky Way Clothing Brands Hooked Men on Stretch Jeans

Amanda Mull for The Atlantic with a great article on why it took 15 years for clothing brands to sell stretch denim to men:

To sell these jeans to men, though, brands face a conundrum common in the fashion and personal-care industries: How do you convince guys to buy something they believe is for women? In the case of stretch denim, brands have found success by obfuscating what their product actually is, allowing them to recast stretch pants as a tool of masculinity. Whether it’s GapFlex, Rapid Movement Denim, Wrangler’s Advanced Comfort, or just not mentioning the new fabrication at all, the theory seems to be that what men don’t know about their jeans can’t hurt them. Intentionally or not, these branding decisions have helped change the modern idea of what it means to look like a man.

I can’t help but laugh at all the hand-wringing some people choose to do over something as banal as whether or not their pants are feminine or masculine. As someone who never skips leg day, I welcome stretchy pants with open arms.

Web-based photoshop clone

I recently discovered Photopea, a free web-based image editor that closely mimics the look and feel of Photoshop. It even imports and exports .PSD files. Here’s a good introductory video:

Harry Potter: What Magic Sounds Like

Evan Puschak’s latest Nerdwriter episode takes a look at the sound design of the Harry Potter film series. It’s great:

The Google Pixel 3 Is A Very Good Phone. But Maybe Phones Have Gone Too Far.

Matt Honan’s review of the new Google Pixel 3 for BuzzFeed News is less a review of a phone and more a treatise on how fucked up our relationship with them has become:

My neck hurts. I am never not looking down. When I am not looking at my phone, I become slightly anxious. And then, when I do actually look at it, I become even more so. It reminds me of how I once felt about cigarettes. I experience the world with a meticulously crafted, tiny computer slab between me and it. I am an a**hole. But so, maybe, are you?

Look around any city street and there we all are, with our heads down, walking past each other, unaware. I saw you in your car driving with your phone in your hand. I saw you at the playground looking at your phone while your child’s life passed you by. I saw you on your date, alone together.

The article ends: “But, Jesus. Jesus. What’s happening to us?” Not sure, but there’s a reason my kid is limited to about 30 minutes of television a week.



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