Weekly Roundup: Happy Holidays, Ya Filthy Animals

First off, Happy Holidays. I’ll be bowing out for the next week or so to enjoy time with family, you do the same. In the meantime, here’s the best stuff I didn’t get to this week.

1) Somebody Buy Me a Bottle of This!

Weekly Roundup: Happy Holidays, Ya Filthy Animals 1

Maybe Trump resigns tomorrow, or maybe we’re in for six more years (unless they decide to shut off this broken simulation first). Distilled in Copenhagen, this spirit is made from barley koji, pilsner malt, and Belgian saison yeast. Then a habanero vinegar is used to rectify the spirit. Not only does it sound delicious, it has a wonderful name to boot:


A habanero spirit based on barley koji, pilsner malt and Belgian saison yeast. Here we use a habanero vinegar to rectify the spirit to its final ABV, 27%. The capsaicin molecule, the irritant in chili, is too heavy to evaporate during vacuum distillation so you get all the vegetable flavor without any of the burn.

This was the final iteration. It’s now sold out. Why not try “Fallen Pony Blend” instead? It’s a quince tea spirit recited with distilled quince tea kombucha. It incorporates a similar acidity to “Fuck Trump and His Stupid Fucking Wall”.

2) adidas Originals x size? x Colnago shoe collaboration

I’ll be honest, shoemaker Adidas & bikemaker Colnago do not immediately come to mind as going hand-in-hand. But, here we are. Not only is it not bad, it’s pretty darn good. And this bike, oh my:

Weekly Roundup: Happy Holidays, Ya Filthy Animals 2

3) Federico Viticci’s Must-Have iOS Apps of 2018

A must if you rock an iPhone or iPad, 60 fantastic third-party apps for iOS, organized into nine categories. A lot of great apps I already use on the list and several I’ll be checking out shortly.

4) How to Make Sourdough Bread

Patrick Ryan, the owner of the Firehouse Bakery & Bread School, gives a fantastic lesson on baking sourdough. Everything is in this concise and informative video from getting your starter going to kneading technique.

5) F*** Work

A highly recommended read to end your week. James Livingston proposes a different way of looking at work. What if jobs aren’t the solution, but rather problem?

6) Citations Needed Podcast – Ep 60 – Kitten Rescues, Lip-Syncing & Christmas Traffic Stops: Your Guide to Clickbait Copaganda

So this video and a few like it popped up in my social media feeds this week and unlike the outpouring of “wow that so cool and uplifting” I thought, damn that’s kinda screwed up. Something about a person in power scaring people who think they’re getting a ticket only to go “jk here’s a gift” didn’t sit right with me. Then someone pointed me to this:

7) A Visual History of Computing (1945–1979)

An absolutely incredible collection of photographs of old computers and it’s all arranged in a very pleasing color gradient.

8) The Loveliest Children’s Books of 2018

If you have a young kid, you know that good children’s books are hard to come by. This is a great list.

9) Mountain biking Guatemala with Eric Porter

10) Happy Holidays

Enjoy yourself. Be nice to one another. Be with family. Reflect on the year and prepare for what’s to come.


Speedvagen’s Anniversary SSCX Cyclocross Bike

EF Education First will race Leadville and Dirty Kanza


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