Weekly Roundup: Dare to Dream 1

Weekly Roundup: Dare to Dream

It’s Friday and I’m very over this week, here’s some interesting and bizarre junk to help you get the weekend started.

World’s Strongest Man Winner Attempts To Eat Taco Bell’s Entire Menu

We start with a video of four-time World’s Strongest Man winner Brian Shaw attempting to eat every item on Taco Bell’s menu (40 items, 25,000 calories, $120.03). He’s clearly a Del Taco man.

“Nothing is Impossible” Children’s Music Album by The Story Pirates

Weekly Roundup: Dare to Dream 2

The Story Pirates podcast (iTunes // Overcast) is a great podcast for kids. It’s filled with silly stories written by kids which are brought to life by sketch/improv comedians. It’s great.

What’s really great is that many of the stories get turned into songs. And they’re pretty solid.

Check them out here:

Ikea Hacks for People with Disabilities


The ubiquitous nature of Ikea furniture has led to a large community of hackers. Now Ikea itself has jumped into the world of hacking by partnering with a pair of Israeli non-profits to develop modifications to their products to help make them more accessible.

Timelapse of the Future

The timeline of the far future is one of my favorite things on Wikipedia. It details the predictions science makes about the future of the Earth (until the sun eats it) and the universe as a whole all the way until its heat death. In his new video, Timelapse of the Future, John Boswell takes us on visual tour of the timeline.

The Twilight Zone

Jordan Peele’s reboot of The Twilight Zone debuts on CBS All Access April 1st. It looks awesome.

The Truth About Wasabi

Most of the wasabi eaten around the world is horseradish with green food coloring in it. Here’s a look at the real stuff.

The Worst of Cycling

Spectator ran over to the fallen rider laughing and saying ‘I’m going to steal his bike’

The Best of Cycling

Mid-West Freestyle Canoe

This is everything.

Endgame Spoiler

I leave you with this.


Who Will Win Gent-Wevelgem?

Sram Force eTap AXS Takes on Shimano Ultegra DI2