Weekly Roundup: All-Wheel-Drive is No Match for Winter Tires, The Wormhole & A Punishing Account of Personal Finance 1

Weekly Roundup: All-Wheel-Drive is No Match for Winter Tires, The Wormhole & A Punishing Account of Personal Finance

All-Wheel Drive is No Match for Winter Tires

I’ve gone over this before, but it’s worth revisiting. I don’t care what you drive if your tires don’t fit the conditions you’re not going anywhere safely or quickly.

Of course, Tire Rack is trying to sell more tires. But you can’t argue with the video, and you definitely can’t argue with the real world performance difference.

The Wormhole – A 4k Timelapse

An amazing kaleidoscopic ultra-HD short film posted by Michael Shainblum.

I am proud to share my latest abstract mirror timelapse video “The Wormhole”. I knew after creating Mirror city I wanted to keep exploring the idea of kaleidoscopic imagery in timelapse. This time I wanted to expand upon the idea, creating scenes that feel like new worlds in alternate universes. I utilized camera techniques such as hyperlapse and aerial video to further showcase the surrealism in the video. Cities showcased in this video are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Shanghai. I really hope you enjoy the video!


A surprising new sound from A$AP Rocky, I’m into it. The video is great too.

UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships kick off today

If you’re missing competitive cycling, know that while the Tours and single-day races of the spring and summer months are behind us the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships are just getting started

The Indoor Cycling World Championships include Cycle Ball and Artistic Cycling. It’s pretty wild stuff and not well known at all, especially in the states.

Some People are Really, Really Bad with Money

Warning, this is perhaps the most upsetting account of personal finances I have ever read. Wealthsimple published a “money diary” wherein two post-grad-educated professional adults absolutely blew my mind with the realities of just how bad two people can be with money.

Dozens of credit cards, student loans they’ve never paid on (they’re in their late-40s), tens of thousands spent to send their kids to private school, two mortgages and they eat like kings. I wish I could point you to this read to learn something about personal finances. Nope, not happening. Instead, just enjoy the trainwreck and, hopefully, take refuge in not being this bad with money.

State’s New Race-ready Undefeated II

State Bicycle Co. just released a couple new alloy fixed gear bikes with some slick new paint jobs. The new Undefeated II is full redesign centered around a revised, stiffer front triangle. The bike is entirely constructed out of good old oversized 7005 alloy tubes so it shouldn’t flex during those Red Hook sprints.

Complete bikes with aero cranks and a nice set of hoops will run $980, or for $580 you can snag a naked frameset. StateBicycle.com

39 Days Until January 1st

You’ve got 39 more days to hit your fitness goals for the year. How are they going?


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