Waze Update Brings Hands-Free Navigation for Drivers

When my daughter was born I got in the habit of using Waze for my daily commute because the app offers backseat reminders and I’ve stuck with using Waze because it weaves me in and out of the city quickly every day. The one gripe I have with using Waze is that the app doesn’t provide for hands-free navigation, but that just changed.

Waze just added three oft-requested features to its Android and iOS apps. There’s a new mode optimized for motorcyclists, support for high-occupancy vehicle lanes, and the introduction of hands-free navigation for drivers.

Waze Motorcycle Mode

The first new feature is a new Motorcycle vehicle mode. This will direct motorcyclist to routes favored by other riders, and app will learn as you use Waze to further improve routing. You can enable the motorcycle mode by going to Settings > Vehicle Type > Motorcycles.

Waze HOV Feature

HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) route support is coming to Waze and the company claims its the first navigation app to support such a feature. Waze will now provide additional navigation options and arrival times for those utilizing HOV lanes.

Talk to Waze Feature

The final new feature is Talk to Waze, which lets you issue commands to the Waze app by saying, “OK, Waze” (I’m guessing “Hey, Waze” was a non-started in Siri’s world). To enable this feature go to Settings > Sound & voice > Talk to Waze.


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