I Watched this Video, Now I Want to Build a Canoe

There’s just something about a hand built wood boat. The craftsmanship and hours of work that goes into creating a water-worthy craft from little more than thin pieces of wood has always intrigued me.

Adam, better known as A Guy Doing Stuff, say’s he’s just a guy with some basic woodworking knowledge. But you I think he might be pulling a little bit of a humble-brag there.

In the video above, we see the creation of a skeleton to produce the basic shape of the boat, the creation of prow and stern, the application of shaped cedar strips to make the hull, and a single layer of fiberglass on both sides. I really love watching the fiberglass disappear when the epoxy is applied. A pretty awesome process and a project I would love to take on someday. If I do, I’d love for my boat to end up looking like this. For now, though the closest I’ve gotten is a remote-controlled model Chris Craft Runabout I built in my shop a few years back, it did require gluing up strips, etc… but it’s only fit for hamster sized passengers.

I Watched this Video, Now I Want to Build a Canoe 1

Here’s something crazy. The same guy also did this to a canoe he built…

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