United By Blue's New Jacket is Filled with Bison Fur 1

United By Blue’s New Jacket is Filled with Bison Fur

There are plenty of insulation choices out there when selecting a new jacket. Tried and true duck or goose down and a slew of fancy new synthetics fill puff jackets and offer different pros and cons. But, here’s something new. United By Blue’s latest puff jacket ditches the typical insulation options for B100 Fill Insulation.

What’s B100? Bison fiber.

Bison are pretty damn rugged. During the cold winter season, bison develop thick, woolly coats that protect them from -40-degree temperatures, and 50 mph winds. So using their fur to keep warm certainly makes sense. After all, Native Americans used bison fur to survive harsh winters for millennia.

UBB worked with ranchers over the past five years to problem solve the supply chain woes for previously wasted bison fiber. And now you can cop a jacket filled with the stuff. It’s waterproof, windproof and warm. The American bison survives incredibly harsh winters year after year, their fur will certainly help you survive the walk into the office.


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