One of my favorite games for iOS is Really Bad Chess, I love chess and the game takes chess, throws it in a blender, bastardizes it and delivers something insanely fun that also hones your skills.. So, I was excited to hear that the creator, Zach Gage, had a new game out. Typeshift is actually the third major release by Zach, he is also the creator of Spelltower. 

From the most part, I hate crossword puzzle. They are the games of boring, old, elitist people. But iOS/Android game Typeshift is a fresh take on the word game that makes them far more interesting and fun.

In order to solve the puzzles in Typeshift, you scroll through columns of letters until the center row makes a word. The gameplay is simple in the standard puzzles, you just turn the letters blue by including them in a word once. Where the game really shines is in the “clue puzzles.” In those, you are given a set of clues, similar to a crossword, and make words to match those clues. What’s great

What’s great is that as you go letters will turn blue, meaning you’ve used them as many times as they appear, so you can use deductive reasoning to solve the puzzles that don’t come to you immediately. It’s much more fun than a newspaper crossword and far more satisfying.

Typeshift is free on the App Store, you will see ads between puzzles. If you purchase any of the game’s puzzle packs, which I highly recommend doing, the ads go away entirely.



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