Tweetbot 5 for iOS 1

Tweetbot 5 for iOS

The only right way to use Twitter is with Tweetbot until it kills off 3rd-party clients altogether, but we’ll worry about that another day. Today, Tweetbot 5 for iOS was released, and it’s a free upgrade for Tweetbot 4 users.

Tweetbot gets a slick new icon to match the one that came with the Mac update back in April, along with the following:

  • GIF support in compose view (Powered by Giphy).
  • Redesigned profiles.
  • Redesigned tweet status details.
  • New iconography.
  • Optimized dark theme for OLED displays.
  • Support for haptic feedback.
  • Auto video playback in the timeline (which can be disabled in the settings).
  • Ability to add descriptions to images when composing.

All the updates are great, but the new “Night” theme is really good stuff. Huge improvement.

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