Ever wish you could shut off Zwift’s startup music? When I setup for an indoor ride, one of the first things I do is set the volume on my computer to 100 so I’ll be able to hear my music or show over the sound of my trainer. I put on my shoes, turn on my fan and loud up Zwift. Problem is that when Zwift loads up it plays insanely loud music before you begin riding. It overpowers anything else you might want to listen to and is frankly annoying. And it induces baby crying like nothing I’ve ever heard before, not ideal when I’m trying to get a ride in before bed.

Here’s how to turn off the music on Zwift’s startup and loading screens:

  • On PC: go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\Audio\PC
  • On Mac: go to Mac HD\Users\{Account Name}\Library\Application Support\Zwift\data\Audio\OSX

Rename file “777200017.wem” to “777200017.tmp”. This file is the startup song. Changing the extension to .tmp allows you to keep the file on your computer in case you want it back, but prevents Zwift from loading it and playing it on startup. Now you can get ready to ride without blasting out your eardrums!