U.S. National Parks Quiet Trails

TomTom Will Now Help You Find the Least Crowded National Park Trails

Our beloved U.S. National Parks are crowded. Last year, 325 million visitors enjoyed a great time in the great outdoors. With the parks being more crowded than ever, the trails they offer are also crowded, but if you stay away from the “most popular” trails you can avoid a lot of the crowd. In 2016, 24 million people traveled the U.S. National Parks’ “most popular” trails, here’s how you can avoid them and see more nature and fewer people:

TomTom, in an effort to prevent overcrowding at our National Parks, has teamed up with the National Park Foundation to develop curated digital maps of “off-the-beaten-path” trails throughout the national parks.

The system is easy to use: Find a park near you on TomTom’s site, download a map to a lightly-traveled trail, and enjoy a part of a national park that is less wandered.

As an added bonus: During National Park week from April 10 to 23, you can buy TomTom’s Adventurer outdoor GPS watch for 15 percent off—and $5 goes to the National Park Foundation. It’s a very similar watch to the Spark 3 which we reviewed a little while back, I love the watch so much it has become my go to.

Another cool perk is that via TomTom’s website, users can download GPX files of the lesser-known trails so instead of relying on a printed map you can let your watch guide you.


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