Time Osmos: French Brand’s First New Shoe in Nine Years

It has been nine years since French bike and pedal maker Time offered a shoe. Now a new Osmos shoe line brings three different carbon-soled performance road shoes to deliver high-end performance for a range of budgets. Time, whose shoes  Greg LeMond was famously wearing when he won the 1989 Tour de France, is aiming to get €¨back on an equal footing with competing brands in thr world of cycling footwear.

In developing their own shoe, Time took the opportunity to fine tune the entire foot-to-bike contact structure (shoe, cleat & pedal). The result is a reduced stack height for improved pedaling efficiency and power transfer.

Time developed what they call Sensor 2 structure in the shoes’ soles & insoles by utilizing a unique foam in the metatarsal area to dampen vibrations. The system limits the vibrations that that the shoes transmit directly into a rider’s feet without reducing overall stiffness in the shoe.  

All three Time Osmos models get a one piece upper with hot-welded spider-web reinforcement on the inside. The top model, the Osmos 15, gets even more reinforcement. For closure Time went for two Boa dials for the Osmos 15, while the 12 gets one Boa and a Velcro strap and the 10 a single Boa.

Three different levels of the Osmos shoes will be availalbe:

The top-of-the-line $400 Osmos 15 incorporates an ultra-stiff full carbon outsole with molded carbon ribs and features the most ventilated upper. Additionally, the shoe gets not one but two Boa IP1 dials to fine tune fit. All at a claimed 480g weight for the pair in size 42.

The mid-level $325 Osmos 12 uses an injection molded polyamide sole reinforced with 20% carbon fibers. After that comes an additional full carbon insert at the forefoot under the pedal. The vented mesh upper design is similar to the Osmos 15, but closure is limited to a single Boa IP1 dial paired with a velcro forefoot strap. The Osmos 12 is slightly heavier at 500g for the pair.

The base $250 Osmos 10 has a fully reinforced polyamide sole reinforced with 20% carbon fiber. The 10 has a perforated upper with just one Boa IP1 dial for fit. The slimmed down shoe comes in at the same light weight as the more expensive Osmos 15.

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