Things 3, the long-anticipated update to Cultured Code’s popular to-do app, is here with a fresh new design and a whole lot of new tricks up its sleeve.

The new Magic Plus Button is especially cool. The button not only lets you create new tasks as expected, but can also be dragged to different places in the UI to perform actions contextually. Ryan Christoffel of MacStories put together a very comprehensive review of Things 3 and lists a few ways you can use the button:

Tap and drag the button into your list of projects to create a new project. Drop it into a list of tasks in Today to create a new task in that exact spot. Drop it into the Inbox icon that appears in the lower left corner to create the task in your Inbox. And, my personal favorite, when viewing your Upcoming list, drag and drop the button on to the day when that task needs to be acted on, and you’ve just assigned its start date.

Other changes include:

  • “Upcoming” list that shows everything on your agenda for the coming days.
  • Fast in-app search
  • The ability to add headings to your task list to create structure and separate projects
  • Your calendar events now display alongside your to-dos
  • The “Jump Start” popover makes it easy to set dates and reminders, put things on hold for later, and add tasks to the “Today” or “This Evening” sections.
  • …and much more.

Things 3 is a paid upgrade for existing and new users:




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