The Mission Workshop Mission Bomber Jacket 1

The Mission Workshop Mission Bomber Jacket

Oooh-wee. That’s a nice looking jacket. Bomber jackets have been around for about 85 years, from leather and fur to nylon and synthetic insulation the jacket has just about done it all. Now, Mission Workshop has dropped its Mission Bomber ($580) which gives the classic jacket some serious material upgrades.

The Mission Bomber retains a lot of the MA-1 bomber jacket’s heritage as far as looks are concerned. It has the classic ribbed collar and cuffs and comes in navy and olive colors. The most notable departure is that the jacket drops the ribbed bottom at the torso in favor of a ribless bottom design, it modernizes the look and slims the jacket down nicely.

The real modernization comes in the materials. The jacket’s exterior is a stretch-woven DWR-treated textile produced in Como, Italy. Under the exterior is a layer of 40gsm high-performance PrimaLoft® Gold Active insulation. Gold Active has a high warmth-to-weight ratio, stretches, and is very breathable. The jacket is then fully-lined with 37.5® ultra-high-performance moisture management textile. Everything here is more commonly found in technical outdoor apparel.

There’s a nice discount available if you purchase one before October 16. You can save $115 by entering the code BOMBER at checkout.


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