The Hipster Nativity Set 1

The Hipster Nativity Set

Behold the wonder of the birth of sweet baby Jeebus in modern times with the Hipster Nativity Set.

Take special note of…

  • Mary and Joseph taking a selfie with Baby Jesus
  • Joseph has a man bun
  • The Starbucks-drinking, duck-faced “Mary”
  • Three Wise Men on Segways carrying Amazon Prime boxes
  • 100% Organic cow eating Gluten-free feed
  • Shepherd Snapchatting the Nativity
  • Sheep in Christmas sweater
  • Solar-powered stable
  • Human figurines stand 7″ tall (slightly taller than a pint glass)

Apparently this hipser crèche came out last year, but it’s available again this year for $109.99. Be sure to stick around for the reviews on Amazon.



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