The Effects of Drinking Way Too Much Coffee

Life Noggin with the help of Craig Benzine aka Wheezy Waiter take a look at what would happen if you only drank coffee and how much coffee one would have to drink to cause a caffeine overdose. I’d never heard of this research on young people drinking 28+ cups of coffee per week before (not drastically far off from what I consume), pretty interesting stuff:

Caffeine overdose can induce comas after about 5 grams of consumption, but, one study found that just 1 gram a day significantly increases your risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Less severe effects include fever, trouble breathing, convulsions, and cardiac distress. …No one knows for sure how much coffee is deadly. One 30-year study found that drinking more than 28 8oz cups of coffee per week leads to a 50% increased risk of death in young men and about a 200% increase in young women.


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