The Effects of Drinking Way Too Much Coffee

Life Noggin  with the help of  Craig Benzine  aka  Wheezy Waiter  take a look at what would happen if you only drank coffee and how much coffee one would have to drink to cause a caffeine overdose. I’d never heard of this research on young people drinking 28+ cups of coffee per week before (not drastically far off from what I consume), pretty interesting stuff:

Caffeine overdose can induce comas after about 5 grams of consumption, but, one study found that just 1 gram a day significantly increases your risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Less severe effects include fever, trouble breathing, convulsions, and cardiac distress. €¦No one knows for sure how much coffee is deadly. One 30-year study found that drinking more than 28 8oz cups of coffee per week leads to a 50% increased risk of death in young men and about a 200% increase in young women.