The Best Way to Catch Up on All the Star Wars Movies Before The Force Awakens 1

The Best Way to Catch Up on All the Star Wars Movies Before The Force Awakens

It’s finally upon us, Star Wars The Force Awakens opens at the end of the week after a very long wait. Before you run out and see the new film, like me, you might want to re-watch the series to get prepped. Unfortunately, unless you have a VHS player that still works and access to the original series on VHS, or even rarer the laser disc edition, you have no way to enjoy the films in there original glory. All the DVD and Blu-Ray editions that have been released have ridiculous CGI additions, idiotic story-line changes, and worthless scenes cut in. Thank George Lucas…


WatchMojo lists the 10 worst changes to Star Wars in the “special edition” sets below.

  1. Greedo shooting first
  2. Adding in Hayden Christensen
  3. Han Solo talking to Jabba the Hutt
  4. Changing who says Boba Fett’s lines
  5. Changing the song performance
  6. All the CG crap to Mos Eisley entrance
  7. Adding a scream to Luke’s fall
  8. Making Darth Vader yell “nooo!” in Return of the Jedi
  9. Bedazzling the Sarlacc Pit in 3D
  10. Changing Luke’s dialogue when R2-D2 falls in the swamp

Which Movies Should You Watch?

This should be obvious. There are six movies in the Star Wars series so far, three of them worth watching.

I don’t know which ones will be “necessary” watching to understand the story of The Force Awakens, my guess is Disney set that at a money-making friendly zero.

It’s a safe bet, however, that The Force Awakens will be drawing on a lot of material from the original trilogy from the 70s and 80s, better known as episodes 4, 5, and 6. It takes place after the events of those films after all, and many characters from those films will be returning.

So what about the newer trilogy, containing episodes 1 through 3. Skip them, their shit. Even if you think they’re something closer to trash than shit, they’re almost definitely less important to the story. So, skip them.

Which Version of the Movies Should You Watch?

Every time they, George Lucas, re-releases Star War changes are made to the movies.

If you don’t care, pick up the Blu-Ray version. The same version is available for streaming on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. If you’re still stuck in the stone ages there are DVDs as well. If you’re a real weirdo you can get very close to the originals with laser disc copies. Most of the big, controversial changes were made in 1997, which means there’s no easy way to watch the original versions unless you have them on VHS. Even then there’s a chance you’ll queue them up just to find out your tapes have gone bad.

Another Option?

I you’re a semi-tech-savvy individual interested in the original Star Wars trilogy, you absolutely must check out the Despecialized Edition. It is a fan-made reconstruction of the original trilogy, minus the bullshit, in high definition.

Being an unofficial fan edit lands it in a legal grey zone, so you’ll have to do a little work to get a copy. There’s a somewhat lengthy process to download them directly from the creator, or you can search your favorite BitTorrent sites for “despecialized edition” to find all three movies. Bring your VPN and Proxy along.

There are also Anti-Cheese edits of 1 through 3 if You Think Those Films are Redeemable, and they’re available on YouTube for streaming below:

Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Anti-Cheese


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