The Astronomy Photographer of the Year for 2017 1

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year for 2017

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards are put on by the Royal Observatory Greenwich. The contest is the largest competition of its kind in the world, with more than 3800 photos entered from 91 countries.

What’s really amazing is that a large number of the photos were taken with telescopes you can buy online and setup in your backyard.

“The conditions on the 27 May were the best I had seen in a while and the body of Saturn appeared to have more detail than I had ever been able to see before. I took a trip with my dad to the desert near Al Khanzna to escape the light pollution of the city.I was using the new ZWO 244 colour camera for the first time and the conditions were so stunning that I managed to capture the beauty of the Cassini division in the rings.”

Olivia Williamson, Young Competition winner

Photos above were taken by Andriy Borovkov, Alexandra Hart, Olivia Williamson and Kamil Nureev.


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