TB Groupe's Evercut Knife | Review 1

TB Groupe’s Evercut Knife | Review

TB Groupe's Evercut Knife | Review 2

The Evercut knife is titanium carbide laser-bonded to steel, and they claim it’ll out-cut and outlast the best blades out there by a huge margin.  Such a huge margin that, they say the edge will last 300 times longer than steel and 5 times longer than ceramic. By TB Groupe’s calculations, the average user will only have to sharpen it every 25 years.

When Evercut approached me to do a review I was excited, I’m a knife guy, but I was also skeptical about their claims at best.  Knives need sharpening, even my ultra-hard steel Spyderco Military knife needs regular sharpening every couple of months.  So I agreed to review the knife, on the condition that the review wouldn’t be on my typical 2-4 weeks with a product schedule.  Instead I used the knife for all my cutting and chopping in the kitchen for the past 6 months.

The first thing I noticed when I got the knife was the sharpness.  Most knives ship pretty dull and need a sharpening off the bat.  The Evercut shipped razor sharp, a good start.  The weight, balance, and size of the grip makes for a quick, accurate and comfortable knife.  The grip has a rubberized coating that’s both comfortable and very grippy.

As for the million dollar question, the blade is still razor sharp.  It’s been my go to kitchen knife for the past 6 months and seeing as almost every meal I eat has a good amount of meat and vegetable prep, it’s seen plenty of use.  The only signs of use are a couple of very small nicks on the blade edge.  25 years between sharpening?  Probably not.  That said the knife clearly will not need very frequent sharpening, especially compared to my old go to knife a Five Star Henckel that needs sharpening on a near monthly basis.  Plus there’s a lifetime guarantee which includes free sharpening at the factory.  So I can let them take care of it

You can order the Knife online from Evercut.fr at $225, it’s expensive for the average user, but if you know the value of a sharp cook’s knife and spend a lot of time in the kitchen it’s very worth it.


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  1. I just got this knife and I like it a lot. It is like a ceramic knife made perfect in that it is thinner and tougher and cuts better than a ceramic knife. But compared to my other knives it is not sharper, although my other knives are very, very sharp. I can get a better cutting action with my other knives due to a bit of roughness that gets left on the edge but then I have to rehone them every time I use them and resharpen them once every month ot two. So which is better? It is difficult for me to decide at the moment but if I ever become lazy at sharpening knives then I can see this knife gaining more use.

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