Taylor Phinney to Retire from Professional Cycling

This weekend in Japan, Taylor Phinney will zip up his EF Education First kit for the last time. Not only that, he’ll pin on his numbers, and clip in for what is the final professional road race of his career. Following Phinney’s career closely over the years here in Colorado, it’s sad but understandable news.

From the Olympics to the Tour de France to the cobblestones of Roubaix, there’s no one who’s done it quite like Taylor Phinney. He won numerous junior titles on the track and competed in the individual pursuit at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, finished fourth in the road race and time trial at the 2012 London Olympics four years later, completed two Tours de France and last season came in eighth at Paris-Roubaix, his favorite race.

He fought back from a career-threatening leg break sustained in 2014, and along the way began to ponder a life outside of professional racing. Eventually, the side of him hoping to explore art and music, the side of him hoping to dig deeper into a place rather than a suitcase €¦ that side won out.

Check out the interview with Phinney over at the EF Education First Pro Cycling website.

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