Escape from the ordinary

Wherever you live, adventure is waiting not far from home. A short film about a quick escape from daily life, exploring hidden places in search of that sense of freedom felt only if we are completely deep in nature, because you don't have to go far to live your adventure. Watch and be inspired, take... Continue Reading →

Terroir (Film) – El Despoblado Tour

Terroir features Texas Tech University's Adventure Media course, in which 16 students bikepack the Epic route in Big Bend Ranch State Park in order to create compelling adventure stories about mountain biking and public land, as well as become more versed in this pristine, viable area in the borderlands. Along the way, the class made... Continue Reading →

The Cairngorms are Calling

The Cairngorms are Calling is a new short film by Chris McClean (@chrismcclean) and Ed Shoote (@dmbins) that follows a group of riders traveling through some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery. As we ride the bikes slower and slower uphill we could be a million miles from civilisation. We can see maybe 10 feet in... Continue Reading →

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