Video: Rainspotting Teaser

Track our 84H bikepacking ramble through Scotland's gloomy Grampians. Setting off from the highest, remotest station on the West Highland Train Line, six of us head off on an opportunistic journey to ride the old-established network of wintry gravel drove roads, only to find ourselves bogged-down exploring the alluring voids in between. That’s why they’re... Continue Reading →

Grinduro Scotland 2019

A great look at Grinduro Scotland 2019 from Canyon bikes. On the hunt for the perfect party-to-race ratio, we travelled north to Grinduro Scotland. From flowing singletrack to fast fire roads and a kick-ass atmosphere, we were rewarded with one of the best days riding out there, and the Canyon Grail was in its element.

The Cairngorms are Calling

The Cairngorms are Calling is a new short film by Chris McClean (@chrismcclean) and Ed Shoote (@dmbins) that follows a group of riders traveling through some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery. As we ride the bikes slower and slower uphill we could be a million miles from civilisation. We can see maybe 10 feet in... Continue Reading →

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