Cycling Industry Woes Keep Piling Up

Economists seem to be mystified. Traditional economic indicators look good. The economy should be chugging along and growing quite nicely, but wages are stagnant household debts continue to grow and on average the sense of financial security seems to be waning. In the cycling industry, there's a decent amount of doom and gloom despite this... Continue Reading →

The Best Holiday Gifts of 2018

Here's a hand-picked selection of the best gifts you can give or receive in 2018. I'm coming up on a decade of running this website and I've put up a gift guide of some sort or another just about every year. Gear is in the name and finding the year's best stuff and sharing it... Continue Reading →

Rapha’s Crit Collection Is Bright and Loud

Rapha's new Crit Collection looks good. Really good. Good looks are typical of the brand, but this is definitely a new look. Compared to the company's typical retro-inspired lineup with clean lines and muted colors, this crit attire is wild. Which is fitting, crits are wild. The collection features iridescent oil slick inspired designs and... Continue Reading →

Rapha Debuts Pro Team & Classic Saddles

Rapha has built its name on premium, high-quality clothing. The companies' bib shorts are no exception, but Rapha felt that saddle variety was limiting its ability to optimize shorts for rider comfort. So, Rapha designed its own saddles designed to pair with its Pro Team and Classic bibs. For two products that spend so much... Continue Reading →

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