Rapha Debuts Pro Team & Classic Saddles

Rapha has built its name on premium, high-quality clothing. The companies' bib shorts are no exception, but Rapha felt that saddle variety was limiting its ability to optimize shorts for rider comfort. So, Rapha designed its own saddles designed to pair with its Pro Team and Classic bibs. For two products that spend so much... Continue Reading →

Up Mountain Switchel

Though switchel’s origins are a bit murky the variety brewed by Up Mountain Switchel comes from 18th-century Vermont. It’s an American heritage beverage made of apple cider vinegar, ginger and sweetener -- in this case maple sugar (fitting for Vermont). The beverage has long been drunk by farmers during haying season to help them stay cool and hydrated.... Continue Reading →

Energy Balance and Your Body Weight

Energy balance and the effect on your body weight is the most important topic to understand whether your goal is to maintain, gain or lose body weight. Weight loss and weight gain are, in my opinion, are extremely simple topics that have been befuddled with pseudoscience, misinformation, and other bullcrap. I've heard it all: I'm... Continue Reading →

Whey Protein vs. Casein Protein: Timing is Key

Once you wade through the multitude of information out there about optimal protein intake the next stumbling block is what type of protein you should be using. For the most part, widely available protein supplements contain whey protein, but there are other proteins out there, specifically casein. So what are the differences and benefits with... Continue Reading →

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