Learn to Embrace Boredom

It all started when Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007. Fifty-eight percent of American adults have a smartphone today, I have an iPhone in both front pockets. It’s hard to remember life before the smartphone, which may, in part, be because we check the damn things 150 times a day. We’ve bombarded ourselves with updates, notifications, texts, twitter statuses and other bullshit to the point of mental exhaustion. The crazy part, you’re addicted, you’ve got a pocket full of legal heroin that you check obsessively. 67 percent of the time you unlock that phone it’s not because you got a text, call or notification. Nope, you needed a fix. You sleep with your junk, you keep your junk on you at all times, you can’t even walk without that junk in your hand. You must learn to embrace boredom!

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