Cycling Through the Tunnel of Death

MikeyT Williams is a bikepacker from Flagstaff, Arizona, USA who has done over 2,000mi in Europe, and is currently 90-some days into a four month, 4,000 mile trip through Central Asia. In his latest update, MikeyT took on the Tunnel of Death. The Anzob Tunnel, Istiqlol tunnel or Ushtur Tunnel is a 5,040 m long... Continue Reading →

Proving the Earth Is Round by Bicycling

Scientist and science vlogger Kurtis Baute wanted to prove the world is round (not flat) by using simple methods accessible to pretty much anyone: two sticks, an orange and a bicycle. He conducted his experiment along a very flat road between Regina and Stoughton in Saskatchewan, Canada. When I got to Stoughton, I set up a sundial that was 100 centimeters high... Continue Reading →

Sorry, You Can’t Electrocute Fat Away

Last week I lamented on the sad state of crowdfunding sites and the stupid garbage they're pumping out in the tech sector. There exists, however, another market that crowdfunding targets - health gadgets. More specifically, health gadgets that promise impossible things, with statements like; "clinically proven" & "scientifically tested." The latest, most egregious example is the TrimX electrical... Continue Reading →

The Propaganda Model & The Five Filters of Media

The propaganda model seeks to explain media behavior by examining the institutional pressures that constrain and influence news content within a capitalist system. It flies in the face of theories that argue that journalism is by its nature adversarial to established power. The propaganda model predicts that corporate-owned media will consistently produce news content that... Continue Reading →

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