Recommended Reading: ‘Our minds can be hijacked’

Paul Lewis had a pretty jarring and ominous article in this weekend’s Guardian about the qualms some of Silicon Valleys most prominent inventors are feeling over their creations. Facebook, Twitter and Google alumna worry that the products they designed and marketed to users are having dire side effects; a society composed of compulsive, easily manipulated screen addicts. Lewis describes... Continue Reading →

Read: No Mercy / No Malice: AMZN + WFM = $1T

I highly recommend you take a moment today and read Scott Galloway's take on Amazon acquiring Whole Foods Market. I've been very surprised by how little chatter the acquisition has earned in this week's news cycle. Amazon is poised to completely disrupt (god I hate that word) how people get their groceries in a very short... Continue Reading →

Orion Cycling Navigation

Every morning, industrial designer Clément Dauchy rides his bike to work in San Francisco. On rare occasions, he would hit all the traffic lights on green and breeze to work. Mostly, though, he'd get stuck at red light after red light. When cycling up the city's many hills getting stuck at a light meant wasting... Continue Reading →

Get the Most Out of Your Fitbit with IFTTT

The Fitbit is an extraordinarily simple piece of fitness technology with a ton of hidden potential. The Fitbit supplied software for tracking your data is nice enough but for those interested in taking their Fitbit to the next level there is a wide world of cool new things your Fitbit can do, especially when it’s connected... Continue Reading →

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