Bialetti Brikka and Grinder

Bialetti is an Italian brand best known for its Moka Express the #1 seller in Italy. The company is expanding into US and international markets with a push to become the portable coffeemaker for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts. Bialetti sent a Brikka and grinder my way, here's what I thought: The Brikka pot is made... Continue Reading →

A Guide to the 2018 Liege-Bastogne-Liege

Liège–Bastogne–Liège, often called La Doyenne ("The Old Lady"), is a one-day classic cycling race in Belgium. First run in 1892, it is the oldest major one-day race and it's this Sunday, April 23rd. It's also the final of the five Monuments of the European professional road cycling calendar and it's a damn hard race. In... Continue Reading →

Up Mountain Switchel

Though switchel’s origins are a bit murky the variety brewed by Up Mountain Switchel comes from 18th-century Vermont. It’s an American heritage beverage made of apple cider vinegar, ginger and sweetener -- in this case maple sugar (fitting for Vermont). The beverage has long been drunk by farmers during haying season to help them stay cool and hydrated.... Continue Reading →

Strava Global Heatmap

Strava doesn't just allow people to track and share their athletic activities they also put often do cool stuff with the aggregate data the app collects. They just released a global heatmap, a visualization of tons of athletic activities and where they occurred. In a recent blog post, the company highlighted some of the more interesting spots on... Continue Reading →

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