Awesome New Mural of Major Taylor in Denver

We got a sweet new mural here in Denver recently. Major Taylor was a cyclist of color who was an absolute machine on the bike, he won the sprint event at the 1899 world track championships and fought racism throughout his career. Guess I'll be riding the Cherry Creek trail tomorrow.

GFNY Santa Fe Race Report

After a great weekend in Santa Fe, I'm back in Denver with a quick race report from the inaugural GFNY Santa Fe. After many years of rapid expansion overseas, GFNY had its first event in the US to go alongside the New York City championship. The 75 mile Long course in Santa Fe, with 7,150... Continue Reading →

Yuba Spicy Curry Review

For someone used to obsessing over wattage, heartrate and how many grams I can shave from my bike, a 60-pound bike capable of hauling two kids and/or 300-pounds of cargo sounded like the last thing I would want to pedal. After-all, cycling is about going fast. I've done a lot of amazing road riding over... Continue Reading →

Summer Music Festival Essentials

It's time to get outside and enjoy some music. If you're in the Denver area, be sure to check out Levitt Pavilion and the plethora of free concerts offered there all summer. Plus, it's conveniently located right next to the Platte River Trail. State Bicycles 4130 Road  | $549 Beat festival traffic with State’s 4130 Road.... Continue Reading →

A Winter Weekend at the Hotel Boulderado

The holidays are a stressful time. Getting the house ready, buying presents, making sure you see all the friends and family and traveling all add up. My wife's birthday lands right at the beginning of December, which can make it disappear into all the surrounding craziness. So when the Hotel Boulderado invited us up for... Continue Reading →

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