Do Pre-Workout Supplements Work?

Pre-workout supplements make big promises; mental focus, increased strength, more stamina, quicker gains, and a huge pump to name a few. With those promises come high price tags. In actuality, these supplements are really just powerful stimulants. Pre-workout supplements are very popular. Just about every company in the supplement market sells one. Optimum Nutrition, Cullucor,... Continue Reading →

Can Caffeine Improve Your Workout?

90% of Americans consume caffeine daily, and eight out of ten drink coffee. The coffee you drank this morning contains a powerful natural insecticide, don't let that scare you though. That insecticide is actually the entire reason you drink the stuff. It's called caffeine. If you're like me, you spend all day at a desk job and... Continue Reading →

An Hour of Running Can Add 7 Hours to Your Life

The New York Times published an interesting story by Gretchen Reynolds this morning about how even a slow, short run could add time to your life. I recommend you give it a read. The story references a study conducted by the Cooper Institute in Dallas that showed “as little as five minutes of running per day was associated with... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Eating Raw Eggs

Every-time I crack a raw egg into my protein shake or swallow one raw my wife has to make a wise crack about Rocky and his 5 raw egg breakfast. Consumption of raw eggs has garnered long-standing controversy from; you'll hear everything from eating a raw egg will cause almost certain death to the only... Continue Reading →

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