Faces Boycotts as Retailer Sues Businesses for Using the Term ‘Backcountry’

Frustration with online outdoor retailer is rising on social media using #boycottbackcountry on Twitter and Instagram because the retailer has reportedly been taking legal action against small business owners who use the word “backcountry" as part of their name. The Colorado Sun broke the story late last week, listing several of the businesses that... Continue Reading →

Cycling Through the Tunnel of Death

MikeyT Williams is a bikepacker from Flagstaff, Arizona, USA who has done over 2,000mi in Europe, and is currently 90-some days into a four month, 4,000 mile trip through Central Asia. In his latest update, MikeyT took on the Tunnel of Death. The Anzob Tunnel, Istiqlol tunnel or Ushtur Tunnel is a 5,040 m long... Continue Reading →

Yuba Spicy Curry Review

For someone used to obsessing over wattage, heartrate and how many grams I can shave from my bike, a 60-pound bike capable of hauling two kids and/or 300-pounds of cargo sounded like the last thing I would want to pedal. After-all, cycling is about going fast. I've done a lot of amazing road riding over... Continue Reading →

A Late Summer Ascent of Longs Peak

Longs Peak (Neníisótoyóú’u to the Arapaho people) is the most prominent mountain summit in the northern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The 14,259-foot fourteener (28th tallest peak in the U.S.) is the highest point in the Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness and the northmost "fourteener" in the Rocky Mountains. I wanted to cap my... Continue Reading →

The Effects of Drinking Way Too Much Coffee

Life Noggin with the help of Craig Benzine aka Wheezy Waiter take a look at what would happen if you only drank coffee and how much coffee one would have to drink to cause a caffeine overdose. I'd never heard of this research on young people drinking 28+ cups of coffee per week before (not drastically far off from what... Continue Reading →

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