Canyon Shreds Moab

Awesome video of the famous Ahab trail in Moab with Canyon and their new Spectral. Imagine this challenge; take your favorite downhill trail—the one you could jam through with your eyes closed—and take a picture in your mind. Got it? Feel every turn? See every tree, every drop, every little rock? Now flip it, and take... Continue Reading →

The Zwift Esports Series is Here

The new KISS Super League will kick off in London tomorrow night (1/23/19) with 15 Pro Continental and Continental men’s teams joining the racing. What is KISS (the name is rather unspecific)? It is an Esports/eRacing league, hosted on the Zwift online cycling platform. The KISS league will feature 10 races, teams of four will... Continue Reading →

The Future of Cycling is eSports?

Will the future of professional cycling take place on a stationary trainer? Maybe. Zwift revealed an eSports league with pro team support Zwift is taking on the eSports market with a professional team league. The KISS Super League is currently comprised of four teams – Team Wiggins, Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes, Hagens Berman Axeon and Team... Continue Reading →

Cycling Industry Woes Keep Piling Up

Economists seem to be mystified. Traditional economic indicators look good. The economy should be chugging along and growing quite nicely, but wages are stagnant household debts continue to grow and on average the sense of financial security seems to be waning. In the cycling industry, there's a decent amount of doom and gloom despite this... Continue Reading →

Zwift Finally Added Levels Beyond 25

I've been sitting at level 25 in Zwift for about a year now, slowly gaining experience with which nothing can be done. The wait has ended! Zwift just released an update which includes an expansion to level 50. Level 26-50 Unlocks & Level Requirements Unlocks for these new levels are all “soft” unlocks. That means no new... Continue Reading →

Canyon Bikes Are Finally Available In the US

It's almost been a full year since Canyon announced that its bikes would be available stateside. It was welcome news from the German bike manufacturer who's bikes were only available to U.S. customers by way of complicated and sketchy re-shipping operations or by making an trip abroad to buy one in person. Originally, the U.S.... Continue Reading →

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