Swidget: A Modular Smart Home Outlet 1

Swidget: A Modular Smart Home Outlet

There’s an interesting new modular smart outlet on Kickstarter. Smart outlets are a dime a dozen these days, they are an easy and out of sight way to add automation to your home, but they’re usually one trick ponies that require complete replacement to be upgraded. Swidget’s modular setup is a simple idea that theoretically solves this by making smart outlets future-proof and easily modifiable to move from one wanted function to another.

The Swidget is made comprised of two components: the outlet itself and the swappable inserts, which can be controlled via the Swidget app. The company also has plans to make the Swidget compatible with Google Home, Nest, IFTTT, and Stringify.
Swidget: A Modular Smart Home Outlet 2
Possible future inserts are pictured above. Only two inserts are scheduled to ship when orders are fulfilled. Each order will come with a Swidget outlet and depending on the pledge, a Wi-Fi insert, Z-Wave insert, or both. The included inserts will allow for wireless control and power consumption monitoring.

If Swidget can deliver on its promises, then this could be a pretty nifty device. But as with all Kickstarter projects it’s very possible that you could end up with a modular outlet with no modules.


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