Survival Straps Survival Bracelet | Review 1

Survival Straps Survival Bracelet | Review

Survival Straps Survival Bracelet | Review 2

Picture this:

You are out boating with a friend, when suddenly you see a woman get trapped in branches of a fallen tree. She is struggling to survive, but the water is rough and risky to swim in. But you are wearing your SurvivalStraps Survival Bracelet, which you quickly unravel into 14′ of paracord. You hold one end and give your friend the other. A quick swim to the trapped woman and you have her in your arms. Your friend then helps haul you in by pulling the paracord. It might sound like fiction, but the above is a true story.

It might not always be someone else’s like you’re saving either.  SurvivalStraps could play a very real role in your own fate while out and about.

What is the SurvivalStraps Survival Bracelet

  • Each bracelet contains at least 14′ of 550lb test paracord
  • Fits up to a 7.5″ wrist.
  • Plastic side-release buckle.
  • Vendor Replacement Guarantee – if you have to use the survival strap to survive, they will replace it free of charge (see instructions in package for details)
  • Dimensions: approx 9.25″ (undone and squished flat) – at least 14′ of paracord when unraveled (slight variations due to handmade nature of product).

Product Description:

The Survival Straps bracelet is emergency paracord masquerading as casual jewelry.  Or maybe the other way around?  Either way, it is a unique piece of gear that can be worn daily, making it handy to always have a length of sturdy cord available.  The bracelet is woven from a single piece of black paracord that is neatly and tightly woven.

Survival Straps Survival Bracelet | Review 3
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Preliminary Impressions:

The Survival Straps Survival Bracelet is a well made piece of casual jewelry that keeps a length of emergency cord quite literally at hand at all times.  The bracelet is neat in appearance.  While it’s a little more casual than I would wear with formal clothing, it is well suited for wearing with casual clothing and it looks perfectly at home in the outdoors.  One thing to keep in mind is that the bracelet is big and it’ll make a small forearm look smaller.

The SurvivalStrap is comfortable to wear and it is easy to take apart, and I feel that I could quickly deploy the cord for use when necessary.


The SurvivalStrap is only helpful if you actually know how to use some paracord in a useful way.  A bowline is easily the most important knot to have in mind and ready to go in a survival situation:

Survival Straps Survival Bracelet | Review 4

More helpful knots over at the Wilderness College.


Thankfully I haven’t had to face a situation where I needed the paracord from the Survival Straps bracelet during my review, but I have experience situations in the past where I could’ve used some paracord so I know the need is very real.  I found that wearing the bracelet is a fun and attractive way of always having a few feet of cord handy if the need arises.  I definitely plan to continue wearing it for my outdoor activities.  You can pick up a SurvivalStrap for $29 from UsefulThings.


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