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Strava’s Year in Sport – 4.54 Billion Miles Ridden in 20171 min read

Strava’s Year In Sport Report is out, and there were a lot of miles ridden in 2017. There’s some pretty cool stuff that can be found in the data:

  • Americans rode  709 million miles  in  36.5 million rides
  • Worldwide  4.54 billion miles  were ridden  in  203 million rides
  • Americans climbed  32 billion feet
  • Riders worldwide ascended  227 billion feet  worldwide
  • Commuters are upload  43 percent  more weekend activities
  • Romain Bardet’s stage win at the Tour de France in Pau, France was the ride  given the most kudos:  22,736  thumbs-up
  • Beer was mentioned in activity titles  102,033 times.
  • The average bike commute in the United States is eight miles and about 34 minutes.
  • Kansans ride fast average speeds, with a  20.1mph average  (it’s flat).

Another cool feature of the data is how Strava breaks down commuting data and carbon offsets. According to its calculations, commuting reduced carbon emissions by 1 billion pounds in 2017.

California took the crown as the most active state with 7,949,234 activities. Colorado came in second with 2,106,918 activities. But wait, California’s population is 39.25-million, while Colorado’s is 5.54-million. That breaks down to 0.20 activities per citizen in Cali. Colorado comes in at 0.38 activities per citizen, Colorado wins by 200%. Bite me California.

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