Prepare for Stranger Things Season 2 with this Retro Mobile Game

Can’t wait any longer for the nostalgia-filled second season of Stranger Things, let this new mobile game assuage your appetite.

The game, which is available as a free download on both Android and iOS, looks like it belongs on an SNES. The icon is a cartridge. It plays like a pixel-art top-down adventure game, like Pokemon or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

One of the best features of the game are its controls. The game is truly designed for the touchscreen, no virtual buttons or D-pads here. You move around and interact with items by simply tapping the screen.

The game is also surprisingly big for being a licensed media tie-in. There’s plenty of combat and puzzle solving to keep you busy for awhile until the second season of Stranger Things debuts on October 27th.


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