Sphero received a ton of attention two years ago for making an interactive BB-8 that could roll around and respond to The Force Awakens. Now the company is rolling out a new toy based on the main character from Cars, Lightning McQueen. Kids, or adults that like toys, can drive it around and do a whole lot more.

The car is controlled through a companion iOS / Android app over Bluetooth. Using the RC car’s app controls, you can can get McQueen to drift, do donuts, and zip around your home at speeds up to 6 mph. But that’s not all it does. Sphero has managed to get a whole lot of personality into this thing. Lightning is super emotive thanks to his expressive eyes, mouth and articulating chassis. The car has five different capacitive touch panels that when tapped will trigger a response and an ambient light sensor turns the headlights on and off. The toy has three processors to run everything.

Overall, the product involves 450 parts and took 17 months to build. Pretty impressive.

Buy Here: $300


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