SoundR iOS App

SoundR Finds Music That Fits How You’re Feeling

Sometimes it can be hard for me to find music that fits my current mood. I have no problem putting together music for gym time, but I’m not great at building playlists for relaxing and reading. SoundR makes it easy to find music based on genre, activity, and how you’re feeling.

The app is free and doesn’t require you to sign up for anything to use it. The interface has you select different colored bubbles based on feeling, genre, and activity (morning, party, etc.). I don’t love the bubble interface for making selections, but once you get through it, SoundR populates a reliable song list based on your selections.

The app streams from Soundcloud which makes it a great way to discover new music. I recommend you give it a go. Available for iOS and Android.

SoundR | Apple Store

SoundR | Google Play


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