‘Slipstream’ a Netflix-like Streaming Service for Adventure Films


A group of Vancouver creatives and skiers saw a gap in streaming services like  Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo, specifically for outdoors films. So, they amassed hundreds of movies  and  new videos with more being added weekly and rolled them into a new streaming service just for adventure film junkies.  Slipstream, dubbed “the Netflix of adventure films,” includes films from 9 genres including; Climbing, Biking, Environmental Documentary, Mountain Festival Winners, Women in Sport, Running, and Surfing.

Slipstream is the Netflix of Adventure Films
Slipstream is the Netflix of Adventure Films

The service makes available all the  adrenaline-filled film you could want in one place for just $4.99/month. The platform is available on smart TV, mobile, tablet or desktop. New films are added weekly and a free month is currently being offered for new signups.  The five bucks you fork over monthly helps the content creators, too. Slipstream allocates 70 percent of all monthly revenues back to the filmmakers.





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