Skagen's New Signatur Hybrid Smartwatch 1

Skagen’s New Signatur Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen’s strength in horological design is delivering affordable timepieces that are minimal, clean and captivating.  Their new hybrid smartwatch category is no exception. Skagen has promised to launch 19 new hybrid smartwatch styles in 2017 and today four pieces of the Signatur hybrid collection are available to pick up. The new pieces are powered by the dedicated Skagen app and features include automatically updating date and time, activity and sleep tracking with goals, music playback control and discrete phone notifications.

I’m a big fan of hybrid smartwatches and Skagen’s Signatur hybrid line does a great job of melding the design queues of traditional timepieces with toned down smartwatch features. Notifications and their indicators are subtle and clear without flooding you with constant notifications which allows the wearer to stay present.

Skagen’s Signatur hybrid smartwatch line is now available online, with prices on the four styles ranging from $175-195.


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