The Simpsons X State Bicycle Co. Bike

When it comes to  The Simpsons, calling them iconic is an understatement. You don’t need a photo, logo or text to know what you’re looking at here. All it takes for The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. Bike to identify itself are some simple colored stripes.

The Tempe, Arizona-based  State Bicycle Co. team painted Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Homer on the frame of this two-wheeled  speed commuter with brilliant simplicity. The bike itself is made from 4130 Chromoly steel, with die-cast dropouts, an internal chain tensioner, and 40mm deep-v wheels – should be a fast, comfortable ride. The bike also comes with a flip-flop hub so you so you don’t have to ride it fixed if you don’t want to,  although not pictured the bike does come with front and rear brakes. You also have a choice between bullhorn, drop and riser bars.

This two-wheeled ode to the longest running scripted TV series ever can be yours for $500.

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