Save Money on the Highest-Rated Travel Mug Around

These Zojirushi travel mugs are incredible, the 16-ounce version travels with me to work everyday and has done so for a couple years now. It keeps coffee warm late into the day (10 plus hours easy) and will take a beating, I dropped mine down a stairwell about a year ago and it’s no worse for the wear. But don’t just take my word for it.

Well trusted review site The Sweethome  loves the Zojirushi vacuum-insulated travel mug as do Amazon reviewers. If you need to up your coffee game, Amazon is selling the  16-ounce mug  for $19.88 and the  12-ounce version  for $19.99. Be sure to make sure you’re purchasing from Amazon directly, third party sellers are defaulting as Amazon’s inventory has taken a hit and they’re more expensive, as of writing inventory is available but not shipping for a few days.

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