RXBAR Adds Nut Butter to Its Lineup 1

RXBAR Adds Nut Butter to Its Lineup

Following its acquisition by Kellogg for $600 million last fall it was only a matter of time before new products would start showing up from RXBAR. Nut butter seems like a logical start considering RXBAR’s familiarity with nuts — almonds, cashews and peanuts show up in most all of their existing lineup.

For Kellogg, the introduction grows its presence in the snack and breakfast category, particularly as cereal sales decline. Notably separating RXBAR’s nut butter from other products is the inclusion of egg, it sounds weird at first but the addition definitely results in a product with a much better balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat.

RXBAR Adds Nut Butter to Its Lineup 2

RXBAR’s nut butter packets come in three flavors: Vanilla Almond Butter (one egg white, 18 almonds, half a date), Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter (one egg white, 27 peanuts, half a date), and peanut butter (one egg white, 27 peanuts and half a date). Not listed on the package front, and lending to the individual flavors are things like cinnamon, vanilla, and honey.

Multi-serve jars are to follow, for now single serve packets are available in 10-packs direct from RXBAR for $17.



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