Rob English's Trans Am Race Bike

The Trans Am Bike Race is currently in full swing.  For those unfamiliar, the race  is in its 4th iteration of sending  off self supported road racers on a 4300 mile journey across the United States.  Featured in the film Inspired to Ride, the Trans Am is part of a quickly  growing subset of endurance cyclists.  The Trans Am stands as the  middle ground between events like  Race Across America and Tour Divide.  One being a supported road race across the country and the other being a self supported off road race down the spine of the country.
The Trans Am Bike Race is an incredible feat. In the absence of support teams, follow vehicles and other outside assistance riders are required to rely solely on their fitness, mental fortitude and planning by way of putting together a set of gear that will cover all their needs without weighing them down. At the center of this meticulously chosen gear is the bike they’ll pedal for 4300 miles.
When Rob English, accomplished cyclist and owner of English Cycles in Eugene, Oregon (winner of Best in Show at the 2013 North American Handmade Bike Show), decided to participate in this years race there was only one place to go for his bike, his own shop. Rob laid up a custom steel frame and then outfitted it with SRAM eTap with disc brakes and a pair of  DT’s new  ERC 1100 Endurance wheels  wrapped in  Schwalbe  Pro One 28C tubeless tires. All told the bike come in at just under 22lbs and that includes all bags, lights, pump, etc… An absolutely incredible build for an incredible race.
Unfortunately, Rob’s race was cut short by a swollen knee and numbness in his feet. Hopefully, he rests up and gives it a go on this beautiful bike again next year. In the meantime I highly recommend you head over to the Trans Am Bike Race website and follow the riders in real time.

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