Richard Hammond’s Crash Course | Trailer

Richard Hammond is coming to America to give the MIA2 Abrams tank, the Striker fire engine and a bunch of other giant machines a spin.

Don’t miss the world premiere of the BBC America original series RICHARD HAMMOND’S CRASH COURSE *** Monday Apr 16 at 10/9c *** immediately following the U.S. Premiere of the all new season of TOP GEAR at 8/7c, only on BBC America.

As host of TOP GEAR, the world’s biggest car show, Richard Hammond has driven just about every high-powered and luxurious vehicles out there. Now, he’s traveling across the U.S. for the ultimate driving test: learning how to operate America’s largest and most dangerous vehicles.

Immersed in some of the country’s most extreme environments, he’ll only have days to master these monstrous machines, a task that takes years for most people to achieve. He’ll learn from the locals, or drive them crazy trying. And in the end, the experts will decide if he has successfully mastered each challenge.

Richard is facing off against a myriad of machines including:
* The U.S. Army’s MIA2 Abrams Tank at Fort Bliss
* The Striker, the world’s most powerful fire engine, at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport
* A two-ton wrecking ball with the power to tear down a five story building in a matter of seconds, in Orlando.
* ‘The Compactor,’ which weighs more than the last 11 Super Bowl championship teams combined at the Denver Regional Landfill

From completing fitness training with a U.S. Army “Top Tank” crew to shimmying up a tree, despite a fear of heights, while working with an Oregon logging company, there is no cutting corners on these work sites. But Richard will find time to make some machine-powered high-jinx of mammoth proportions.

Don’t miss as Richard fashions his own game of darts using the monster-sized Dangle Head Processor to catapult 5,000 lb log-darts into one of his least favorite vehicles: the mini-van.


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