Replace your Gym Membership with a Fitness "Mirror" 1

Replace your Gym Membership with a Fitness “Mirror”

We’ve got connected fridges, ovens, beds, and bikes… well, some people do anyway. Now you can add connected fitness mirror to the list.

New York-based fitness technology startup Mirror is bringing the traditionally gym-based workout class to your living room (or anywhere else in your home). The device is simple to set up — it’s just a mirror that you either wall mount or lean. The full-length mirror functions like any other mirror until you turn it, then the LCD panel becomes visible. There are also stereo speakers, a camera (that can be shut off) and a microphone. Simply add yoga mat and some dumbbells and you’re all set for 50-plus workouts that launch weekly.

Via the connected app, you can pick from either live or recorded sessions. Eight personal trainers add a variety of new content weekly. Classes include areas like cardio, strength, yoga, pilates, barre, boxing and stretching and range in length from 15 to 60 minutes.

The mirror runs $1,495 with $250 white glove delivery, then you need a $39 monthly subscription on top of that. It’s an interesting option but steep at $1500 upfront and $40 a month. You can build one hell of a garage gym with $1500. But, if you’re someone that thrives on working out with a coach it’s not a bad option when compared to trying to fit fitness classes into the schedule.


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