Reinventing the Spork

When I first heard that a guy spent 18 months re-designing the spork I wanted to laugh, but this things actually pretty cool.

The Morsel Spork has both the forky bits and the spoon part on board, and its got the necessary cutting edge to round out the package. Those things are to be expected. Unlike a traditional spork, though, there’s a bit more going on here.

Thanks to its long handle the Morsel Spork can serve double duty as a back-country cooking tool. It’s also better than a spoon, because its got a rubber edge that goes around the outside of the spoon giving it spatula-like capabilities. The overall shape of the spork has been designed to reach deep into pots, corners and odd shapes.

The Morsel Spork is dishwasher safe, can be boiled and can be used for cooking and eating. Its set to retail at $13, but a pledge of  $7 on Kickstarter  now will reserve a Morsel Spork come June. Definitely the coolest piece of backpacking cutlery I’ve seen in awhile. A lot more creative than the standard, “we took a spork, made it out of titanium and shoved it in a leather sleeve for $75!”