Recommended Reading: Headlines making you anxious? Delay reading them

For The Guardian, Oliver Burkeman writes about  the benefits of delaying your news reading.

One excellent way to stay calm but well-informed, I’ve found, is to consume the news a day or three later than everyone else. Print is one way to do this. But it works online, too: more and more, I find myself promiscuously cruising the web, saving umpteen articles in a “read later” app (in my case Evernote, though you could use your browser’s bookmarks). By the time I read them, the time filter has worked its magic: a small proportion of them stand out as truly compelling.

I think this is a great tip. The news cycle has gotten so insane that as consumers it’s impossible to tease out the important stuff from the noise. And with every source (web, blog, social media, podcast, etc…) trying to beat one another to the punch, it’s simply impossible to keep up no matter how hard we try. Not everything is worth our attention, though, so a good way to determine whether or not something is truly worthwhile is to set it aside for awhile and come back to it.